Fine gold designer jewelry, bench crafted since 1994.

I am a small custom design jewelry studio located in beautiful Picture Rocks, Pennsylvania. I tailor make what I hope to be exceptional true originals. The studio is committed to the highest standards of integrity & ethics in business. My pieces are 100% repurposed materials & ethically sources gems. My inspiration is a mixture of organic, architectural, historic, a little whimsical, & most importantly – uncommon.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in fine art; my education is ongoing. My collection can be described as both small & endless in a sense. My client base is across the country mostly, some international but greatly varied, as the work is, I suppose.

Whether your interest is for yourself or someone special, my hope is to deliver the singular, the masterful & the beautiful in your new distinctive piece.

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Ethical & Green Materials

I am a green company. Only ethically sourced non-irradiated conflict-free natural diamonds and fair trade natural colored gemstones are used in my designs. My precious metals source is also an environmentally responsible 100% green company; Only recycled purified metals are manufactured to the highest standards.I am proud of these small but important contributions to help preserve our planet.


I am committed to protecting your privacy and using any personal information you provide responsibly.

I do not collect or retain any personal information unless you choose to provide it to us for ordering purposes or our exclusive mailing list*
When you make a credit purchase either in the studio or via telephone, your credit card information is collected and stored only for the duration of that sale.

*You may register your name and mailing address with us, if you’d like to receive our latest mailings. Your privacy is very important to us. Our mailing list is private and will never be shared or sold to a third party for any purpose.